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Smart towel laundry disinfection dryer RQ-60 rose red

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Smart towel laundry disinfection dryer RQ-60 rose red
  • Smart towel laundry disinfection dryer RQ-60 rose red

Smart towel laundry disinfection dryer features
1. The triple disinfection function (UV lamp, pasteurization, ozone) has a disinfection power of 99.9%.
2. Multi-purpose: disinfection and drying of daily necessities such as towels, baby clothes, adult underwear, toothbrushes, etc.
3. Multi-function: disinfection belt drying, can make clothes softer than natural drying, and with aromatherapy treatment.
4. After the work is finished, the fan continues to work in the cold air for 10 minutes to make the clothes soft.
5. Complete physical mode, no dead ends, no hiding.


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